Segment, automate & retain

Lead generation and conversion

Highlight your content and increase your conversion with landing pages ready in just a few minutes. Add forms and call-to-action buttons to convert your visitors from anonymous into identified prospects. Follow your prospect’s behavior on your website to offer them a personalized experience and boost their decision cycle.

Automated campaigns

Save valuable time for your sales and marketing teams by automating your relationship with your prospects. Create workflows with just a few clicks and integrate the right tools to reach all your points of contact.

Emailing et RSS to email

Send messages and communicate with your database with emailing! Simple and easy, personalize your business relationship to convert your prospects and give them the information they need at the right time. Whether monthly newsletters or automated campaigns, bet on email marketing!

Lead management

Collect all your visitors, prospects and customers information in your marketing automation software and synchronize it with your CRM. Learn more about your contacts and quickly identify the most qualified by implementing a lead scoring strategy. Go even further with the Account Based Management (ABM) feature to highlight business opportunities by company.

Multichannel communication

Keep in touch with your identified prospects to help them to move forward in their decision cycle. Follow their journey and create a link between their contact points and your brand. Use different communication channels such as: emailing, SMS, social networks, push notifications.

Analysis & ROI

Analyze all your marketing automation actions to adjust your strategy, refine your messages and know your audience. Make reports on your performance directly in the tool and demonstrate the return on investment of your marketing strategy.

with Webmecanik Automation

Get an offer that certifies your marketing team 100% GDPR compliant

The GDPR regulation, General Data Protection Regulation, was implemented on May 25, 2018 and you must assure that your marketing and webmarketing service are compliant with its obligations. The subject is very vast and can seem complex.
That's why Webmecanik created a 100% GDPR offer for your business. A package to get informed about the GDPR requirements and a friendly tool to fulfill its obligations (right to forget, right of rectification, consent, center of preferences, opt-in, cookies acceptance, legal notices updates, etc.)

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Webmecanik, Mautic ™ expert in Europe

Our solution is the only one on the market based on Open Source technology. Since the beginning of the Mautic Open Source community in 2014, we have become its world’s leading contributor, Mautic’s first SaaS host and part of the core team of the project.

In concrete terms, this makes us an expert in marketing automation and in the Mautic solution. This expertise ensures quality maintenance, features in preview, valuable and regular updates without any additional cost.
Open Source is the guarantee to have an ease of use scalable product, always updated with modern interfaces.